Friday, 17 February 2012

006: Holiday Hiatus

What is it about the school holidays that can actually cause all the normal crafting to go out of the window?  The change of routine always seems to throw me off kilter.   The needles haven't been clicking much this week, every time I think I've got five minutes to spare something happens and I get carried off in a whirlwind with family activities as both the Postie and the Curly Wurlys are off this week.

So up to now we have been mostly : shopping, baking, swimming, lunching out, film watching at the cinema, cooking (we seem to be cooking alot!) going to the library, meeting friends, standing in the freezing cold in the park and swimming again!......... I long for a few daylight hours with my needles but it doesn't look as though I'll get many chances.  I love these family times but I do find that the week long half term holidays seem to go by so quickly, trying to cram everything in.

I am determined to get my needles out tonight as I have a date with some scrummy new cotton yarn. I love this yarn it's an old favourite, it is relatively cheap for a 100g ball and comes in both Double Knitting and 4-Ply, and as spring is approaching it is a perfect weight for baby and toddler cardigans.

I find it very easy to knit with and have been using it for quite a few years.  It comes in a large range of colours, this of course is cream, although a basic neutral colour it knits up beautifully and can look stunning, depending upon the pattern of course . The pattern I will be following is one of my own designs, and is a jacket style cardigan that I have knitted and sold at baby fairs for a number of years.  My stock is low at the moment so I need to get a few knitted up quickly.  As I know the pattern like the back of my hand, this is the perfect knitty project to be getting on with as I sit on the sofa in the evening. 

Anyway, my little hour of peace has finished and I have to get on with all the normal things as it's feeding time at the zoo!  Hope you all have a nice evening of crafting too.

Goodbye for now
Fleur xx


  1. Knitting something that you know so well that you don't have to think about it is the ultimate in relaxing for me too! Thank you for stopping by Space for the Butterflies and for your lovely comment. Good for you for entering the frey too!

  2. Love your Valentine cuff, especially the little hearts!
    Rachel x