Monday, 27 February 2012

008: Getting the 'Spring' into my steps

Spring is in the air, and with that comes a feeling that we should be out in the fresh air making ourselves fitter and healthier too. After the dark and miserable days of January we look for signs of spring and as a runner I have the perfect opportunity to notice the small changes around me as I run. 

Running isn't just about the physical exercise for me it's as much about the mental relaxation it gives me, it provides me with space to think, to digest the day, to mull over any worries and it also gives me chance to enjoy the changing seasons around me.  In the four years since I started running, I delight in all the small changes in every patch of field and woodland that I run through.  Even as I pound the pavements I notice the shoots and buds on the trees around me, the crocuses and snowdrops appearing on the grass verges and I start to see the signs of life in everyone's front gardens.    

In fact you could say that running has been a revelation to me, I have found nature in the most unlikely places and nothing beats the quiet stillness of running at dawn or dusk.  Perhaps that is why running has become such an essential part of my life.......

Goodbye for now


  1. I think running is just as much a mind as a physical thing for me too, especially running in nature like I do most days. As much as I love to run in autumn, the newness of spring is so refreshing after winter that I agree with you, there is more of a 'spring' in my step too!

  2. I tried really really hard to love running... It didn't seem to work out. Lol... My hubby and I are doing P90x right now. Seems like a good alternative. Happy to see you at Tangled Happy today. Happy Wednesday!

  3. Glad to see someone else loves running and crafting. I too look forward to getting out for a run and just being able to see the changes in the seasons. I find it clears my head after spending a day running around after my 3 year old.