Thursday, 29 March 2012

016: Where has this week gone??

I've had one of those weeks.......... one step forward then two steps back!

I know that when I start a new design that there is always a period of 'will this actually work?'  Well after knitting up the two fronts I felt that the neckline and button edge I had completed just didn't look how I'd imagined, so both fronts were unwound.  I just hate that feeling of being back to square one again.....but even though the lure of the sunny garden and its many jobs were calling for me I resisted and persevered.  So after hours of re-knitting I'm finally happy with the front pieces.  So although progress on this little cardigan has been slower than anticipated I am currently on the neckline and a unusual fastening.  Hope to show you soon....

On my other sets of needles at the moment are another little white cardigan (here) and a special little knit that's hush hush as it will be part of a giveaway .... coming soon!!

Many thanks to all your lovely support for my half marathon last weekend.  If you cast your mind back you will recall that last Sunday was an unusually warm day, June temperatures in March.  I arrived in Wilmslow (Cheshire) to a beautiful blue cloudless sky and a sea of runners all limbering up.  I believe that the event attracted over 5000 runners of all abilities and was a fantastic spectacle as it wound around the roads of neighbouring Mobberley before finishing back in Wilmslow.  I was extremely hot and was covered in sweat (sorry!) but was pleased to finish without collapsing in the unseasonal heat which surprised many unprepared runners.  Unfortunately a PB (personal best) was not to be as I came in just after the 2 hr point, but I was not too disappointed as I had run sensibly and could still stand up and function after crossing the finish line unlike many of the collapsed runners littered along the route.  

If you would like to see what 5000 runners look like at the start of a race, you can view this brilliant video here: 

I plan to spend this weekend with my two loves ..... a couple of good runs in the sunshine at a leisurely pace and then sitting in a deckchair in the garden with my needles clicking.

Whatever you have planned I hope you have a wonderful time.

Goodbye for now.
Fleur xx 

Friday, 23 March 2012

015: Cherry Love xxxx

Here's a sneak peak of my current Work In Progress, do you remember those scrummy colours  I showed you last week?   I've used the light green for a pretty bottom border, I wanted it to remind me of all the new spring leaves.

The mushroom coloured yarn is then used as the background colour of the cardigan .......and I have added a little motif.....can you guess what they are?

They are cherries, I have included the cherries and the leaves in my knitted design, however the stalks will be added later, probably chain stitch embroidery.

On the fronts pieces I have included button-bands of spring green though  I am not planning to add buttons as I have a special fastening at the neck that I hope to show you soon.  I want the cardigan to be worn open as I am planning to make a little co-ordinating dress underneath which I am just designing at the moment.

What a beautiful week it has been, I spent the whole of yesterday in the garden.  The Postie was off on holiday so we spent the day putting a new herb bed together and digging over our raised vegetable bed ready for planting.  It was so warm that when the curly wurlies came home from school they had their tea 'al fresco' on the patio ...... bliss!

I have a busy weekend coming up, but hopefully will be able to show you the progress on the cardigan on Sunday, that is if I can move my tired legs off the sofa.  I will be running a half marathon on Sunday morning and hoping that I can maintain or even beat my PB of 1:59:50, so let's see!

If you have the time over the weekend, please pop over to this beautiful blog Sew Sweet Violet, as Jooles is running a delightful giveaway!   Though I'm hoping that I win!

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

Goodbye for now,
Fleur xx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

014: Lovely Surprises!

Oh what a lovely day it's been.  I received a very beautiful hand-made Mother's Day card this morning, I just love the cards that my daughter makes at school, I keep everyone, and they mean so much more to me than a shop bought card.  Her card was a beautiful heart made from newspaper mounted on a collage background of pastel coloured paper.

I'm just about to settle for a relaxing evening on the sofa with my current cotton yarn knit, however this has taken a back seat this week as I have been trying to finish a little outfit for my daughter's favourite teddy bear........and I was really happy to get it finished today so that she could dress her bear up in a special outfit for Mother's Day.

So her teddy now has a beautiful lilac dress, it has a little picot edged neckline and has a hand sewn skirt attached all made from my stash.  This little dress is actually based on a dress that I make for babies, but teddy had to have her own special fitting as she is a little more rotund than a normal baby!!

Goodbye for now
Fleur xx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

013: Oops I forgot!!

Oh dear, I got so carried away with my next hand knit, that I think I forgot to show you the finished little white cardigan that I started last week!  So here it is......

I decided to choose some very simple little cornflower blue buttons to co-ordinate with the pretty embroidered blue flowers around the borders.  To give the flowers definition I made little lemon centres (french knots) and I am really happy how this has turned out as it was a variation of my usual pattern (Spring Basket Cardigan link).  As this is now already to be wrapped up and delivered, I have decided to make a few more of the same design as I think it will prove popular, especially with Easter around the corner.  This colour palette was chosen by the new mum to be as although she is having a girl she loves blue and wanted an alternative to all the pinks and lilacs. So she decided on cornflower blue and lemon highlights on a classics white background .... and of course these just also happen to be perfect Easter colours too!   So those knitting needles will have to speed up if I want to get a couple knitted up before then without slowing up my new project.

I often have two projects on the go at the same time, do you?  I always enjoy having an easy familiar knit on one pair of needles and a new project on another, sometimes this may be a personal knit for me or a new design for my business.....this time it's a new design in those scrummy colours I showed you the other day (Lovely Scrummy Colours Link).

I will reveal a bit more in my next post.....unfortunately progress has been a little slower than anticipated as a rather busy weekend got in the way!!  Away from home all day Sunday, which is usually a good knitting day, as I went to see the Postie running a 20 mile race on Sunday in Stafford (Stafford Info)and was very proud of him when he finished....forgot to take my camera so haven't got any photos, though from where I was standing on a very busy road there wasn't much to see except cars swerving around the long line of extremely sweaty exhausted runners!     I'll just leave you with that thought!

Goodbye for now
Fleur xx

Friday, 9 March 2012

012: Lovely Scrummy Colours

Just thought I'd pop by to show you the lovely colours of yarn that I bought today.  I know that today isn't particularly sunny, in fact it's quite miserable here in Cheshire today, but I am thinking of the spring and summer months to come.  I have totally packed in winter knitting now and am all geared up to lovely spring cottons.

So here are my colours

I'm not sure whether you get the full effect of the lovely green and the mushroom tones, so here's another piccy...

That's better!

I'm starting a new project, I'll give you a sneaky peak soon!

Happy Knitting.

Goodbye for now.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

011: Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud.....

I woke up this morning hoping for a dry sunny day, I was to be disappointed!

Now normally on a Sunday morning the weather doesn't really bother me as I potter about the house, but this morning I was racing and the weather mattered greatly!  The race was a challenging 9 mile course from Congleton in Cheshire around Bosley Cloud (  The Cloud ).  The Cloud itself is actually owned by the National Trust and has fantastic views over Cheshire. We were advised that 'full body cover' was required which always indicates it may be a tough race and the thought of facing it in heavy rain and the forecasted sleet and snow showers didn't make me feel any happier as I got ready.

So off we went, it was raining hard when we got to Race Headquarters and everyone seemed to have that 'we must be mad' expression on their faces.  It sounds strange but it was actually better when we started running than when we were stood about at the start shivering.  It was a tough, tough climb up hampered with the tracks and stones being slippy with mud. We saw a light covering of snow on the top and the downward track had the added hazard of tree roots so you had to keep your eyes glued to the track in front,  but for some strange reason I really enjoyed it.

I love being out in the countryside and running these type of races allows me to explore parts of Cheshire I've never been to before.  It makes me feel alive!!

I can't say that I wasn't elated to see the finish and know that it was finally over, but all in all it was a good run and not as bad as I had feared.....and the best bit was that I came back with both my trail shoes and didn't lose either in the thick mud!  So now for the rest of the day I'm putting my feet up, picking up my knitting bag and definitely NOT MOVING!

Goodbye for now
Fleur xx

Thursday, 1 March 2012

010: World Book Day

In honour of World Book Day I thought I'd talk about books today.  I love reading but with all my other passions (knitting & running)  I do wonder where I can find the time to actually read a book all the way through!  The Curly Wurlies have always got their heads in a book and I often envy them, oh to be young again and have all the time in the world to read!

This year I have been doing quite well, January saw me finish 'Solar' by Ian McEwan, although entertaining it wasn't my favourite book from this outstanding author, for me it didn't eclipse his poignant and moving novel 'On Chesil Beach'.

I found myself on a roll then, so I immediately revisited a classic 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Bronte and, although I must have read this around five times since I first discovered it at the tender age of 14,  I devoured the book again as if it was a fresh new read.

2012 saw me promise to read the Millenium Series (see my New Year Resolution) so in February I started 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' and surprised myself by making the time to read it, so within a fortnight it was finished!  I have just started the second book in Stieg Larsson's trilogy 'The Girl who Played With Fire'.  Whether or not this reknewed enthusiasm for reading will continue only time will tell!

So what are you all reading on World Book Day?