Sunday, 4 March 2012

011: Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud.....

I woke up this morning hoping for a dry sunny day, I was to be disappointed!

Now normally on a Sunday morning the weather doesn't really bother me as I potter about the house, but this morning I was racing and the weather mattered greatly!  The race was a challenging 9 mile course from Congleton in Cheshire around Bosley Cloud (  The Cloud ).  The Cloud itself is actually owned by the National Trust and has fantastic views over Cheshire. We were advised that 'full body cover' was required which always indicates it may be a tough race and the thought of facing it in heavy rain and the forecasted sleet and snow showers didn't make me feel any happier as I got ready.

So off we went, it was raining hard when we got to Race Headquarters and everyone seemed to have that 'we must be mad' expression on their faces.  It sounds strange but it was actually better when we started running than when we were stood about at the start shivering.  It was a tough, tough climb up hampered with the tracks and stones being slippy with mud. We saw a light covering of snow on the top and the downward track had the added hazard of tree roots so you had to keep your eyes glued to the track in front,  but for some strange reason I really enjoyed it.

I love being out in the countryside and running these type of races allows me to explore parts of Cheshire I've never been to before.  It makes me feel alive!!

I can't say that I wasn't elated to see the finish and know that it was finally over, but all in all it was a good run and not as bad as I had feared.....and the best bit was that I came back with both my trail shoes and didn't lose either in the thick mud!  So now for the rest of the day I'm putting my feet up, picking up my knitting bag and definitely NOT MOVING!

Goodbye for now
Fleur xx


  1. Oh my!! I cannot imagine making myself run in the rain!! Well done and a well deserved rest at the end too! Definitely not sounding quite like sunny Cornwall at the moment.

    Kate x

  2. Well, I am jealous of your weekend!!!! I wish I had ran a race! I bet you slept well that night :) And knitting after a grueling race sounds soooo fantastic!


  3. Hi Fleur, Nice to visit you also! Love your blog. Now that was a gloomy day. I hope your running shoes are salvageable. We have sun today hope you do too.
    See you later, xoRobin❤

  4. I think I might just have picked up my knitting bag and not moved in the first place!! ;)
    You have my admiration Fleur!
    Vivienne x

  5. Impressively muddy feet!

    Thanks for your comment re Sherilyn - I'm particularly in love with that zingy green one Ignorant Bliss knitted - I've got it down in my mental lists as a bit too challenging for me at the moment - but I'll forward to seeing yours in progress

  6. Oh wow! Good for you! This August I am doing something similar called Spartan Race, which is a 10-12 mile running course that also has about 50 obstacles. Well done for finishing it in horrible weather!

  7. Muddy shoes are the mark of a real runner. Good for you! :)

  8. I love muddy shoe pictures! Well done on a great (and horribly tricky) race :)