Thursday, 29 March 2012

016: Where has this week gone??

I've had one of those weeks.......... one step forward then two steps back!

I know that when I start a new design that there is always a period of 'will this actually work?'  Well after knitting up the two fronts I felt that the neckline and button edge I had completed just didn't look how I'd imagined, so both fronts were unwound.  I just hate that feeling of being back to square one again.....but even though the lure of the sunny garden and its many jobs were calling for me I resisted and persevered.  So after hours of re-knitting I'm finally happy with the front pieces.  So although progress on this little cardigan has been slower than anticipated I am currently on the neckline and a unusual fastening.  Hope to show you soon....

On my other sets of needles at the moment are another little white cardigan (here) and a special little knit that's hush hush as it will be part of a giveaway .... coming soon!!

Many thanks to all your lovely support for my half marathon last weekend.  If you cast your mind back you will recall that last Sunday was an unusually warm day, June temperatures in March.  I arrived in Wilmslow (Cheshire) to a beautiful blue cloudless sky and a sea of runners all limbering up.  I believe that the event attracted over 5000 runners of all abilities and was a fantastic spectacle as it wound around the roads of neighbouring Mobberley before finishing back in Wilmslow.  I was extremely hot and was covered in sweat (sorry!) but was pleased to finish without collapsing in the unseasonal heat which surprised many unprepared runners.  Unfortunately a PB (personal best) was not to be as I came in just after the 2 hr point, but I was not too disappointed as I had run sensibly and could still stand up and function after crossing the finish line unlike many of the collapsed runners littered along the route.  

If you would like to see what 5000 runners look like at the start of a race, you can view this brilliant video here: 

I plan to spend this weekend with my two loves ..... a couple of good runs in the sunshine at a leisurely pace and then sitting in a deckchair in the garden with my needles clicking.

Whatever you have planned I hope you have a wonderful time.

Goodbye for now.
Fleur xx 


  1. Hi Fleur-

    You should be so proud of yourself for completing that run in such heat! Even not being a pb, it sounds like you had a good time and are really smart!
    I'm sorry about having to 'unknit'- that sounds so frustrating, but I completely respect you for starting over- sometimes that's the only way to go.
    I have to say I'm envious of your sunshine- wish we could borrow some of the excess!

  2. The little cardigan is looking good, can't wait to see it all sewn up. Well done on the half marathon, it sounds as though you took it very sensibly, and your time sounds very good to me.

  3. I am always in awe of folk who run, I don't think I ran much even as a child. I can walk miles and miles and miles but just running round the block defeats me!

    Glad to hear you've sorted the design glitches with the cardigan, those things can be so time consuming :D

  4. hi thanks for stopping by my blog which i seem to be behind with lately! Congrats on your run - awesome - me i would rather be on a horse or bike! lol! xxxx

  5. Sounds lovely and I'm green with envy and missing my running! After Easter my physio told me I can 'try' running for 10 minutes.....I don't know how I'll hold myself back!!

  6. i am so impressed with your running! go girl!
    have a wonderful Easter x
    love jooles x

  7. Ooh, so frustrating when you feel that you are back to square one Fleur...I just tell myself it is all part of the process of getting there in the end and being really happy with the finished project(so you are still really moving forward!)
    Well done on completing your half marathon...very impressive!
    Hope the sun shines for you so that you can sit in the garden over Easter with your needles,
    Susan x