Wednesday, 11 April 2012

018: Yarn around.......and running around!

Hi there,  I'm feeling a little better today,  hurray!!!!!

I went out for a run last night as planned but I couldn't do any speed work at all, every time I tried I descended into a coughing fit, so I ended up just doing a steady five miles at a comfortable pace.. but it was great to be back out in the fresh air.

I thought today I'd join in with the 'Yarn Along' that Ginny from Small Things is currently running, you can visit her blog here.

As you can see I'm sewing in the arms to my little Cherry Cardigan and until I get this finished I am totally ignoring the other two projects half finished on my needles although I can hear them calling 'knit me! knit me!'  My new batch of lilac cotton yarn is also shouting at me from inside my knitting bag so I have decided to put some cheese in my ears so I can't hear their calls.......

As part of the yarn along I have to tell you about my current read as well as my crafty project.  So as you will see I'm still reading the Millennium Series by Stieg Larsson.  You may remember me telling you in January that I was planning to read the three books in the saga this year, and I am now nearly two thirds through the second book 'The Girl who Played With Fire',  so I'm progressing quite well.  The Postie has already purchased the third book for me so I need to get a move on !!

For all you crafters who are also interested in my running I have a fortnight of exciting running news. I know from the amazing response I've had since starting my blog that many of you also enjoy hearing about my other more active love - running.  This weekend I will be racing at a 10k, though I think my recent cold may mean that I will be just running to get round rather than chasing a PB. The following week I will be traveling down to London with the Postie who for some reason has decided to run the London Marathon for the seventh time (YES, SEVENTH!!).  Although I won't be running myself I'm so excited as I just love to watch and cheer them all on.  From Elite runners to disabled wheelchair entrants, serious club runners to charity fancy dress runners ...  the London Marathon is a fantastic spectacle to watch and I can't wait!

Whatever you are doing this week I hope that you all enjoy yourself especially if you get the chance to enjoy some spring sunshine, which unfortunately seems to have disappeared in Cheshire this week.

Goodbye for now
Fleur xx


  1. Wow, good luck to both of you, I can barely walk with this retched cough. Good luck.

  2. Hello Fleur...Your cardigan is looking beautiful...I love those pretty colours...Well done on the running front too and I will keep my fingers crossed for some sunshine for you at the weekend!
    Susan x

  3. That's a lovely cardigan! So pretty! I'm most envious of your running too. I got out of the habit a few years ago (not that it was that entrenched a habit), and I'd be worried about my joints now. Maybe some day...

  4. Those upcoming runs should divine. I am a runner, but a slow slogger at best. I still love it though. I hope you can answer your other projects soon. The racket can be deafening!

  5. A beautiful cardi! Congrats to the Postie on the marathon... You won't see me running that far!

  6. Look forward to seeing the completed cardie. I keep resolving to get running but don't seem to quite manage it. Must keep trying!

  7. 5 miles is pretty good! Your cardigan looks really adorable, and yes, they always take much longer than expected. Cheers - Allison

  8. I'd love to run - I tried but got such sore knees :( I think my shoes are rubbish! Walking is my bag - until I get new shoes.... Little cardy is coming along a treat isn't it :)

  9. What a sweet cardigan!
    I have only read the first book in the millenium sereis and I thought it was very good.
    Have a great weekend :)

  10. your cherry cardigan is going to be gorgeous...can't wait to see it complete x
    wow you must be super fit...puts me to shame ;o)
    I hope your race went well
    love jooles x