Tuesday, 17 April 2012

019: Unexpected Outcomes....

Sometimes you get unexpected outcomes .... this weekend I had two!

No 1: Unexpected Outcome

Yes, it's finally finished.  As my regular followers know I'm a runner and to use running as a metaphor this cardigan has been a marathon!!  It has been a hard slog, sometimes I didn't think I'd make it, but I persevered even after two fronts were ripped back!  My original design has changed along the way and the finished cardigan is quite different to the first ideas I had ..... but I'm happy with the outcome .. and I think I deserve a medal!

What do I love about it?

I love the spring green edging detail, and how the front edging on each side actually curls up almost making a little corded edge ... an unexpected detail!

 I love the texture of the chain stitch cherry stalks.

I love the perfectly matched little buttons, just the exact same shade as the cherries.

I love that it is finished!!

No 2: Unexpected Outcome

Do you remember that I told you I was running a 10k?  You may also remember that I said that I was running it just to get round as I couldn't chase any times as I was still suffering with the after effects of my cold.  So Sunday morning dawned, I started coughing as soon as I got out of bed!  I ate my porridge and honey and sat there wondering what on earth I was doing.  An hour later and a trip on the motorway, my heart sunk and I felt sick when I saw the first 'Caution Runners' sign which indicated we were nearly at Race Headquarters (a village hall full of tea & cakes, lots of men with their pale white legs on display and the smell of deep heat!).  

30 minutes to go before the start I thought I'd better show willing and put on my chip ( a little device that you attach to your trainer which records your start and finish time when your run over the chip mats - very clever!)  Then I had a little walk to the start and decided I'd better take my fleece off and have a warm up!!  Oh my goodness, the blue sky and fluffy white clouds above did look beautiful but there was an ice cold breeze which felt wintry on my bare shoulders and arms.

11.00 am soon came and I stood at the start thinking about what I could have been doing instead on a Sunday morning, then bang, the start gun went off and we were running!  Yes, I was running and as the kilometres passed by I kept waiting to descend into a coughing fit, but no, lady luck was smiling on me, as was the sun by 3 kms and very pleasant it was too.  Then I remembered why I love running, down country lanes I ran, past farms with dogs barking, glimpsing lambs in the fields either side, encountering beautiful views round each corner and the sun shining down warming me as I ran.  Yes, I thought, where else would I rather be!  I got so carried away that I nearly dropped down in surprise as I came through the finish line and the Postie met me with a beaming smile, wow a PB!!  I'd managed to run the 10k in 53:06, knocking 54 seconds of my previous time, and I still don't know how I did it?  Don't you just love an unexpected outcome!

Goodbye for now
Fleur xx


  1. Well done Fleur, that's amazing! It's great when you do something you love, especially when just for a moment you had forgotten why you do it, and to achieve a personal record break as well - brilliant!
    Love the sweet little cardigan too, the colours are gorgeous!

  2. Hi Fleur, I love that sweet cardigan and WELL DONE on an unexpected PB ...what a brilliant feeling after an enjoyable race.
    Good luck to the postie for Sunday :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. Wow! Congratulations on such a great run. I think the important thing is that you seemed to really enjoy it. Success both ways there - enjoying yourself and attaining a pb.

    Sandy x

  4. well done!... ;0)

    lovely blog! beautiful creations! x

  5. Congratulations!!

    That little cardigan is adorable. ; )

  6. I think sometimes when we relax and don't force so hard, things seem to be achieved better. Well done on your timing and thanks for popping over to my blog. Lily. xxx

  7. I enjoyed reading about your run....and well done! The little cardigan is delightful, really sweet. I love the colours, the pretty edging and the little buttons to match the cherries.
    Hope your cough has gone for good now!
    Helen x

  8. Your cardigan is stunning. I wouldn't even know where to start! You must be so proud of it!

  9. What a beautiful cardigan, you are so clever to be able to do something like that! You certainly didn't have such a relaxing Sunday as me! My son is doing a half marathon soon but hasn't done much training yet! Congratulations in beating your best time.

  10. Thanks for popping over and commenting on my blog Fleur. What a pretty cardi. I particularly like the ruffled edging.

  11. Beautiful! You're right, I do have a soft spot for cherries ;) and these ones are gorgeous! Congrats on the PB too.

    Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment, so glad you liked the cushion!

    S x

  12. Hello Fleur...Your cardigan is so pretty..I love the colours and the design..fabulous!
    Well done on your run and breaking your previous record..such a star!
    Susan x

  13. Hi Fleur, thank you for commenting on my little blog. You cardi is gorgeous, am loving that spring green edging and the cute little cherries!
    Victoria xx

  14. That's a beautiful cardi! Well done on the PB also - fantastic as you thought you wouldn't do well at all!

  15. Your cardigan looks amazing. I'm sure that it will make the wearer very happy. Well done on your run.

    Thanks for popping over to my space. You're right it is always great to find fellow UK knitters.

  16. Well done!!! And the cardigan is just adorable!
    It's such a shame we don't live anywhere near each other - your running times sound about the same as mine and it would be fun to run with another knitter!

  17. The cardigan is gorgeous,love the cherries, very pretty! WELL DONE on your run too, I do admire you for your running!
    Rachel x

  18. Nice to meet you. Your knitting is beautiful.

  19. Hi lovely meeting you and thankyou for popping over to my blog and for your lovely comments
    My sister is a keen runner she is super fit completely the opposite to me !! well done for your race and time xx

  20. Hi Fleur - thanks for visiting my blog! I have enjoyed looking at yours and must get back into knitting again - you have inspired me!

    Cute cardie and well done on the PB!

  21. The cardigan is sooo sweet, I love it. The cherry pattern is lovely, and the trim is perfect.
    Well done for your run too - that's great. How brilliant to get a PB when you're just loving the running and not busting a gut!
    Jane x

  22. Love the cardigan - the fluting, the buttons and the cherries. Lovely :)
    Am in awe of your running.

  23. Missed this! The cardigan is gorgeous, love it. And you do deserve a medal, I know how tough this kind of designing can be x