Wednesday, 25 April 2012

021: London Marathon Report

What a fantastic weekend in London we've had!

I'll tell you all about the London Marathon in a minute, but first I wanted to share some photos of Buckingham Palace.  Each evening the palace is lit up with projected images from 'Face Britain' (click here for more info).  This project is encouraging young people aged 4-16 in the UK to create a self portrait which can be uploaded onto the project's online gallery and will then form part of the installation images projected onto Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.  My daughter took part at school, so her image will be projected onto the palace ...but unfortunately it's all random so I didn't see it whilst I was in front of the palace.  It was a spectacular scene and made me very proud to be British!!

So, now let me tell you about the London Marathon.  I go down to London each year to watch the Postie run, so I have a regular viewing spot that I always go to just next to the Tower of London as the runners come off Tower Bridge and approach the 13 mile (halfway) point.  As you can see contrary to all the weather reports the sky was blue and the sun was out as I got to my spot around 8.45am.

The first entrants we saw were the Mens' Wheelchairs, this photo is actually David Weir MBE (British Paralympic) who went on to win the Mens Wheelchair title.  As they pass by you cannot believe the speed and the sheer determination on their faces ..very humbling.

Next came the elite women, unfortunately the winner of the Women's race Mary Keitany is behind the motorcyclist on my photo.  They went by with ease, their pace is astounding after 13 miles!

Then came the men, the eventual Male race winner Wilson Kipsang is in the orange vest in the left hand side of the photo.

After all the elite came by, the crowds of normal runners started to appear, hundreds upon hundreds.  At a few points I panicked that the depth of runners was so deep that I would miss the Postie, but amazingly when I wasn't expecting he appeared, ran up to me and gave me a kiss and a big smile!  Of course all the supporters around all went 'arrrh!'  I was really pleased to see him, he looked steady and relaxed, and was ahead of schedule.  Then my next journey began as I jumped on the Tube to St James Park to try and get a space on Birdcage walk to see him as he came towards the latter stage.  Luck was on my side and I got a good vantage point, and again he saw me with ease as he steadily aimed for the last 600 metres.

The photos above were taken on Birdcage walk at the 600 metres to go stage.  Unfortunately they don't show the Postie as I couldn't get my camera out in time when he passed by, as he was quicker than I expected.  

The Postie ended up finishing in 3:51, which although isn't his fastest time at London, was actually under the 4 hours which he was aiming for this year.  He had been diagnosed with a medical condition just before Christmas (don't worry not life threatening) which meant that his aim of 3 hrs 30 had to be postponed for London this year until he regains his previous fitness.  So I was extremely proud of him to have continued to train and re-evaluate his target.  He is now already planning his next marathon so that he can have a go at getting around 3.30... he's mad!! 

It was a great weekend, and upon my return I'm overwhelmed with the lovely messages of support that have been thank you very much.

Apologies that this has been a NO knitting post, service will resume very shortly!

Goodbye for now.


  1. Well done to your husband! I really admire people who take part in these marathons! Last year we went to London to watch my sister in law take part in a half marathon and it is great to be part of an event like that. It's a lovely atmosphere. What a lovely idea to put those pictures on the palace!

  2. well done to him! My friend ran it in just under five hours (her first so not bad) I am in awe x

  3. Your friend did amazing!! Thanks for the recap, it looks like a beautiful course. Definitely on my list of races to run in the future!!

  4. Just catching up here. I seem to need to apologise for a 'no knitting' post all the time lately, life just gets in the way of the needles sometimes, doesn't it.

    The Postie may not have managed the time he'd have liked but that's still some achievement!

  5. Woo hoo! Well done Postie! Lovely photos too :)
    Jane x

  6. Loved all your London pictures....and well done to the Postie!
    Helen x

  7. Woohoo, well done to the postie!! Loved your pictures and race report :0)
    I didn't know about those pictures projected onto the palace...lovely .
    Jacquie x

  8. Well done to the postie! Was he the postie that the BBC interviewed during their coverage - or are there 2?

  9. Wonderful photographs of your day Fleur and well done to the impressive!
    Susan x

  10. Well done to the Postie, great achievement!!
    V x

  11. Wow. looks fantastic. I never fancied even watching it before this year but will DEF try to get up there next year to watch. Those runners are inspirational.

    I'm a very fairweather runner (and a teacher so often have a lot of work to do in the evening) but started again a few weeks ago and really enjoying it this year. Will try v hard to keep it up over the winter this time. My goal is to do 5 miles without stopping so I'm still a bit of a beginner so i'll keep an eye on your blog in the hope that it inspires me to get my trainers on. x

  12. wooow!

  13. Woo hoooo.... SO glad the weather held out for you and the postie.... you must be very proud of him, such a wonderful achievement!! I really enjoyed your photo's :)
    Loving the knitted giveaway bag too... you have such a talent!

    Have a super weekend lovely xxx