Monday, 30 April 2012

022: Snippets.....

I want to tease you!  So here are a few snippets from the things I'm working on at the moment.
Can you guess which one will be part of a May Bank Holiday giveaway?  Pop by later in the week when I will reveal all and announce a gorgeous giveaway that I'm sure you will all love!

A snippet of cream, brown and flowers..........

A snippet of red, white and blue............

A snippet of pretty lilac...........

A snippet of white, aqua and neon yellow (clue: these definitely aren't in the giveaway!).......

Some people drool over 'Jimmy Choos' some die for a pair of 'Louboutins', but my heart goes a flutter when I bring home a new pair of trainers!  I've only been out in them twice but they feel like a dream and it feels great to see them all bright and clean before they have been used in the rain and the mud. (For any running nuts like me - these are Asics GT 2170)

For major muddy runs I have a separate pair of trail shoes that I use to run off road (click here for a muddy photo of my trail shoes), and these are currently drying out after an absolute soaking on a 10k trail race around the Errwood Reservoir in the Goyt Valley, Peak District (click here) last Thursday evening.  I'm sorry I haven't got any photos to show you but the whole place was waterlogged and the rain was coming down almost horizontally so the camera just couldn't come out.  Within the first few minutes of the race my feet had been totally immersed in muddy potholes and were soaked through...after that you just don't care and wade through anything .. small streams included!  What could have been a very picturesque race became a battle against the elements, waterlogged fields, slippery wooden bridges, muddy trails being washed away with rain, biting wind on the top ridges, tree roots and slippy stones waiting to trip you up ...... but my main thought as I ran was of enjoyment and the exuberant feeling of BEING ALIVE!!!!   Yes, you hear me right, it was a terrible evening, the harshest of conditions but oh my goodness it was fun!

So running around the dry pavements this evening on my normal 5 mile run will seem a little uneventful, except I will have that lovely feeling of my springy new trainers and the little snippets of clean white, aqua and neon yellow as I look down.......wonder how long that will last!?

Goodbye for now
Fleur xx


  1. Ooh, lovely snippets - looking forward to the giveaway. Have a super week
    Victoria xx

  2. The cream, brown and flowers snippet is lovely :)
    I have new shoes too - you've inspired me. I just hope my knees can cope. First run last night..... next one tomorrow! My shoes are a bit brighter - neon blue and yellow! I went for comfort over looks...

    1. Hope your second run goes well, the first few weeks are the hardest and then hopefully you'll get the 'buzz'! Keep going, sometimes the hardest bit is actually making the effort to get out of the door.
      Happy running.
      Fleur xx

  3. Those knitting snippets are very intriguing! They are very pretty! Looking forward to the reveal!

  4. Hi Fleur, very pretty snippets. The only new clothes I've bought this year are running clothes :0)
    My Asics are very mucky looking now ...I'm jealous of your shiny new ones !!
    Your muddy run sounds like crazy fun...I love that I can be outside in "bad weather" and not feel cold and miserable when I run.
    Jacquie x

  5. Love the snippets, especially the knitty ones :D

  6. Your knitting is looking gorgeous.
    I love the sneaky peeks.
    I also love the thought of running in new sneakers.
    It's always so much bouncier for the first few runs.

  7. Love the trainers - they look great! Did they come with the neon laces or did you add those? Nic

    1. No, they came with those laces, they're great aren't they!
      Fleur xx

  8. Got my muddy trail shoes drying out on the mat at the moment -
    so agree with your sentiment about the joy of being alive when running -
    how very lucky we are...
    here's to some drier days to make the very most of it!
    Emma x.