Wednesday, 16 May 2012

026: How to make my heart sing.

Just thought I'd tell you about the lovely package that came through the post yesterday.   I was extremely lucky to have won a giveaway from Mary Jane's Tearoom.  If you haven't discovered this beautiful blog yet click here You will find a delicate pretty pastel blog that always enthrals me whenever I visit.  The beautiful photos of Susan's knitted toys are just a joy to look at and if you are searching for a pattern for a knitted bunny or teddy I don't think you will find better.

Anyway, what was in that beautifully wrapped package I can hear you shout?

Delicate pastel coloured yarns



Beautiful Buttons in Cath Kidston/Laura Ashley Fabrics

Just look at these wonderful combinations .........

Doesn't that make your heart sing too?  
How lucky I am!  

Thank you Susan from 'Mary Jane's Tearoom', your giveaway is beautiful and extremely generous.  It just goes to show that this little 'blog' world of crafters is a wonderful place to be!

Goodbye for now
Fleur xx


  1. How lucky for you, it was a lovely giveaway, I was slightly gutted it wasn't me ;-) but I look forward to seeing what you do with it, I reckon with the lovely things you make, you were the right person for the job!

  2. I am soooooo Jealous!!!!!! What a fantastic giveaway. Love the colors of the yarn and those buttons are amazing. Lucky, lucky you!

  3. That is such a lovely selection of beautiful things. It was a very generous giveaway! Have fun with the bits.

  4. What a beautiful giveaway to win! That would have made my heart sing as well! Have fun with it all!

  5. What a lovely giveaway and such beautiful packaging!

  6. Lucky old you! Such beautiful yarns and the buttons are delightful!
    Victoria xx

  7. What lovely yarns! I look forward to seeing what you make with them. The Rowan Purelife I know is a lovely yarn to work with.

  8. You are a lucky girl! Those yarns are delicious. xx

  9. What a visual feast! They are too scrummy for words.

  10. Hello Fleur..Thank you so much for your kind words about the Giveaway and my blog...I hope you have lots of fun with your yarns and lovely to see them safe and sound in their new home!
    Hope you are having a happy week,
    Susan x

  11. Hello Fleur,

    You lucky lucky thing!! What a generous giveaway and what an exciting moment as you opened the parcel.

    Amanda :-)

  12. Such a lovely giveaway win. Lucky, lucky you :D

  13. what a lovely package, that must have totally made your day!

  14. How lucky you were to win Mary Jane's Tearooms wonderful giveaway! The gifts you received are so gorgeous and inspiring, and really delicious colours.
    Have a happy week with your new treats.
    Helen x

  15. What a beautiful present Fleur! The colours of the yarn look so pretty and the buttons too.

    Looking forward to see where you will use it for!

    Enjoy the sun!

    Madelief x