Thursday, 24 May 2012

027: It's lilac time in May!

I know it's MAY as I can see the beautiful May hawthorn blossom..........

I know it's MAY as I can see the pretty little forget-me-nots.........

I know it's MAY as I can see the uncurling wisteria .......

I know it's MAY as I can see the delicate lilacs.................

Inspired by MAY lilacs, here is my new pretty cardigan.  It's a pattern I designed many years ago when my daughter was a little baby, and it's a delight to knit up, especially the lacy detail on the bottom, and of course one of my favourite details - the moss stitch borders.

My lilac cardigan can now be found HERE

So what other MAY related happenings have been going on this week?  Well last weekend we all went to the ALDERLEY EDGE  May Fair as my daughter was in the parade.  Oh what a difference a few days makes.  Today in Cheshire we have had temperatures of 26 degrees, beautiful blue skies and full sun, however last Saturday I stood waiting for the parade armed with my camera with my knuckles turning purple as it was so cold! 

The parade was led by the Alderley Edge Wizard.  Legends have always surrounded Alderley Edge and the mysterious wizard has been written about for around 200 years, inspiring Alan Garner to write his fictional book ' The Weird Stone of Brisingamen'.

After the wizard came a marching band......

and then what every English village parade should have.........the morris dancers!

Unfortunately the MAY sun did not shine on us that afternoon, but at least it has made an appearance this week.  So let's just keep our fingers crossed that it continues for the weekend.

Goodbye for now
Fleur xx


  1. Your May flowers are utterly beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing the parade . . . here in the States are parades are very different and I love to see how they differ in different parts of our world.(I think yours is much more 'up my alley' then what we have here!)

  2. Beautiful May flowers and a lovely little cardigan.

  3. Such pretty blooms! And what a sweet cardigan, gorgeous colour!
    Victoria xx

  4. Ah sweet May and all the better for sunshine! :)
    Beautiful little cardigan Fleur!
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  5. Hello Fleur,
    Your flowers are looking beautiful and they are clearly enjoying this wonderful sunshine over the last few days (Forget-me-nots are one of my favourite flowers!)
    I love your little lilac cardigan and the border is so pretty.... You clearly had a wonderful day at the parade despite the cold weather...It's hard to believe now we are basking in these high temperatures...Our English weather is certainly unpredictable!
    Wishing you have a sunny weekend,
    Susan x

  6. May sounds like it is amazing so far....hope it contines that way.

  7. What a delightful little cardi :D

    I hadn't realised that you are sort of in my part of the world (I'm just across the Welsh border near Chester) ... and it is jolly hot again today isn't it!

  8. I love May flowers! Your Cardigan is amazing.

  9. May is just the best month in my many fresh and beautiful new flowers to admire.
    What a sweet cardigan, and you designed it...WOW that is clever.
    love those morris dancers!
    love jooles x

  10. oooh Fleur I LOVE that cardigan!!!! makes me wish I had a little one that it would fit!!

  11. Hi Fleur,

    You captured May wonderfully with the fair, the Morris dancers and the flowers in your garden! The cardigan looks very sweet. Such a pretty colour!

    Wish you lots of fun this weekend with the Jubilee celebrations!

    Madelief x