Friday, 1 June 2012

028: Jubilee Flowers

Do you like the 'Jubilee' inspired flowers I've embroidered on my latest cardigan?

Are you enjoying the red, white and blue everywhere?

Here is my Jubilee Cardigan........ and it can be found HERE

Photographing white objects is hard to do and I'm never sure whether I prefer them on a coloured background or a plain white background ....... with a coloured background the cardigan shows up better bur I do love the crispness of white on white.  Any thoughts?

I just loved embroidering all the little red and blue flowers and I just love the two little red ones on the moss stitch collar.

I decided to put blue centres in each red flower, and vice versa with the blue ones, and of course couldn't resist alternating the buttons too.   I was so lucky that I was able to find the same style of button in the two exact shades I was meant to be!

I also embroidered the flowers around the cuffs too.

This cardigan is for sale in my Etsy shop at the moment and for Jubilee Week  1st June to 9th June it is on special offer. 

The other flowers I am so delighted with are my lillies, they have just opened in time for Jubilee Weekend ... they didn't have red or blue they are just beautiful white!

Whatever you are doing this Jubilee weekend - I really hope you have a lovely time. 
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the sun to shine!

Goodbye for now


  1. Your sweater is gorgeous, what a great way to celebrate a fun Jubilee weekend.

  2. Such a pretty cardigan! Your lillies look gorgeous too!
    Victoria xx

  3. You do knit the loveliest of things...I can't knit to save my life!!!

    Amanda :-)

  4. What a cute cardigan!! Well done!

  5. what a beautiful cardigan, I am loving the red white and blue

  6. Hi Fleur, what a beautiful cardigan* so much work and thought, really sweet touches you've added.I love the alternating buttons, Happy long weekend,

    Sarah -x-

  7. Gorgeous cardigan Fleur. :)
    I'm just loving all the red, white and blue!!
    Vivienne x

  8. Gorgeous! I like the light blue background though.. lets the white of the sweater show! I always find any colour on the same colour to blur the edges for some reason so I like a different colour behind, but that's me. Lovely work! :)

  9. Hello Fleur...
    Your Jubilee cardigan is so pretty with the red and blue flowers and little matching buttons and I really like the light blue background too..I am sure it will not be on the shelf in your ETSY shop for very long Fleur!...Lovely lily pics too...
    Hope you have a lovely Jubilee weekend,
    Susan x

  10. I am loving the cardigan - those flowers are just perfect!

  11. It's so sweet! I definitely like the blue background best :)
    Aren't your lilies divine! I bet they smell fantastic!

  12. What a beautiful cardigan. I love the little flowers! Rachel x

  13. I admire your patience with all those delicate embroidered flowers! So beautiful. I also love the buttons! They are a perfect color match to the embroidery.

  14. What a beautiful little cardigan Fleur!! Can just imagine how it will look on a sweet little person.

  15. How delightful your Jubilee cardigan is.

    No idea if it's a useful suggestion, but I always like to photograph white objects on natural surfaces like wood.

    Have a great Jubilee weekend :D

  16. Such a pretty cardigan, Fleur! You have such an eye for detail; those little daisies are the perfect ornamentation for your pure white knit. Hmmm, blue background or white? Oh goodness Fleur; I am no use at all here as they both look equally good in a different way.

    Have a beautiful Jubilee celebration. I can just see a little soul wearing your cardigan.


  17. I love your sweet little Jubilee cardigan, Fleur! It works so perfectly with the moss stitch and the dainty litle red and blue flowers against the white. I think all your photos of it are excellent, on white or on a depends on the look you prefer really :) Hope you have had a wonderful Jubilee weekend and enjoy the rest of the celebrations!
    Helen x

  18. Oh that is so pretty, love the wee flowers such a nice touch
    Karen x

  19. Oh Fleur, it's so pretty!
    Lots of love, Helen xx

  20. This is just adorable! The embroidered flowers are so pretty... Loving the Jubilee colours too :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my crochet tea cosy and your get well wishes. I am feeling much better today.

    Have a great weekend
    Louise xx

  21. What a sweet little cardi.....i love the little flowers.
    I hope you had a fab jubilee weekend
    love jooles x

  22. Such as sweet cardigan! I love the little flowers you have added too. Happy to have stumbled across your blog. Such beautiful knitting! :) x