Monday, 11 June 2012

029: Thank heavens for little girls........

I love having a little girl, as we can have lovely crafty days just like today.

We spent ages this morning looking through all the fabrics I had in my stash......I love doing this!

My daughter decided she wanted to sew a cushion for her bedroom on her new sewing machine.  She hasn't had chance to make anything yet, so with her still on her school holidays we thought a 'getting to know' her new sewing machine day was a good idea.  Her new machine is a little mini one from John Lewis and is just so sweet in powder blue .. I would have done anything for a machine like this when I had been a child.  I thought it was a great for her to have her own sewing machine especially as she wanted to have a go on my old trusted Singer which is rather too big and complicated for her .. so this mini one was the perfect compromise.

She chose her fabrics and we cut them into strips.  After being inspired by other stripey cushions such as Lucy's from Attic 24 (click here ) we decided that sewing strips of fabric together for a cushion would be the perfect practise project.

So we cut her chosen fabrics up into strips, rather than bright colours she chose a lilac and blue scheme to go with her bedroom....she chose really well.

Here she is sewing her stripes together.  Do you like the funky wristband??  She inherited it from me as I went to the 'Coldplay' concert at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester this weekend and we were all given these wristbands.  They lit up when the band were playing and the effect all over the stadium from everyone's wristband in the dark was awesome!  Unfortunately they won't light up now they are at home much to my daughter's disappointment.

Anyway, back to the cushion........ a few hours later and a lot of patience .......the end result..........

I'm so delighted that her first project on the sewing machine was so successful!  I really didn't give her much help except to sit by the side of her and explain what to do ... she did every little bit of machine stitching herself ... not bad for 9 years old!

Thank heavens I had a little girl they do grow up to be just like their mums!!!

Oh and I've had a really girly week with the knitting too, a really pretty pink raspberry coloured cotton yarn .............

I enjoyed knitting with the raspberry pink so much I've already started knitting an identical one for my Etsy shop too and that should be finished should my next knitted bag.

 Hope you are all enjoying your knitting this week.

Goodbye for now
Fleur xx


  1. thank goodness for little girls!! I love her sewing machine and what a beautiful pillow. My daughter and I were thinking of the same project from Attic 24, you have both inspired us to do it.

    Kate x

  2. How sweet! I have boys and now a lot of gray hair! I still knit and crochet but that is now "ME" time. Lovely pillow.

  3. Oh what a gorgeous cushion, I love the way it turned out so pretty and girly! Reminds me I need to make a few more as I miss mine now they've gone to live in Connievan. Lovely to catch up with you Fleur, love to you and your clever stitch girl xxxxx

  4. What a wonderful cushion - well done! I think I should do this with my daughter this weekend as we have a "girls" weekend...thanks a lot for the inspiration!

  5. Yes, thank goodness for little girls, I can't wait to do all this with my Little Miss but she's only 2 so painting and gluing it is at the moment :) gorgeous cushion! Such pretty colours!
    Victoria xx

  6. Not bad at all for 9 ... she's clearly going to be as clever with needles and pins as her Mum :D

    Love the raspberry pink affair ... what yarn did you use?

    1. Unfortunately it is the discontinued and sadly missed Jaegar Aqua DK Cotton, and I have just used my last four balls in this beautiful shade.

      Fleur xx

  7. How fun to sew with your little girl! I am loving her blue sewing machine! Hey I think I'm your 100th follower :)

  8. wow. fab cushion.
    I love the sewing machine. I'd have loved that when i was a child.
    You've obviously taught her well ;)

  9. Yay, I love your little girls cushion...she did so well. Her sewing machine looks great....I'm using my Mums old Toyota machine as my clunky old Singer is on it's last legs and weighs about a ton !!
    Jacquie x
    P.S. I've also got some of the rose fabric in your top image...been making hexagons with some last night :0)

  10. What a gorgeous cushion your little girl made, and I do love her blue sewing machine! How lovely that she is learning to sew at an early age. Your little handknit is so sweet, I love the shape of it and the soft colour. Enjoy the rest of your crafty week!
    Helen x

  11. Hello Fleur,
    I love the little sewing machine and your daughter's cushion is wonderful...(I must say, such good taste in colours too!)...I really think I see a natural talent here!
    Your cardigan is so pretty and I love the raspberry pink colour too...No knitting for me this week Fleur...I slashed my index finger quite badly with my rotary cutter...I knew it would happen one day! I'm just about managing to use my sewing machine...
    Hope you are having a happy week,
    Susan x

  12. I've been nominated for the Sunshine Award and I would like to pass it on to you. The details can be found on my blog.
    xXx Helen

  13. So lovely! I love your daughter's cushion. What a wonderful achievement : ) I love having a little girl too. Mine is 7 and she just loves to get in about my stash, especially the lenths of organzas. I must get her her own sewing machine as she loves to use mine already : )

  14. What a lovely cushion, and what a very clever young lady! She must be so thrilled with what she has achieved!
    Loving the sweet little cardi you've made,such a lovely colour.
    It is wonderful having a daughter I agree!
    Gill xx

  15. What a pretty cushion your daughter made. I bet she loves it. Your baby cardigans are beautiful. I keep seeing them in blogland and want to make some but it's going to be a long time 'till my two girls have babies! xx

  16. Lovely :) My big girl is a crafty wee thing too and we sew, knit and most recently spin on our spindles together - my next daughter down isn't showing quite the same interest - she says things like "awwww, your BORING knitting!!!!"

  17. She did such a good job!! Wow!! I love having crafty days with my mom, that's when the memories are made. :)

    ~ Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

  18. Coldplay? fluorescent wristbands and a baby blue mini sewing machine kind of week!

    Sarah -x-

  19. What a clever daughter! It looks lovely. I have two boys and sometimes feel a little worried that I won't have anything in common to enjoy with them. I console myself with the thought that I will get lots of knitting time whilst they are off playing football and fishing with their dad!

  20. Oh, that is so nice to be crafting with your daughter. I am sure that she loved it too. I can't wait for my girls to grow up so that I can share and play with them too. My 3 year old already helps to remove pins as I sew and helps to feed fabric into my overlocker (I worry about her fingers!!). Love the little jersey too - so cute and snuggly.

  21. I totally wish I could sew. Well, I can, just not in a straight line. And the sewing machine is something beyond my comprehension. LOL. Lookin' good though!

  22. Hi Fleur,

    It sounds like lots of fun helping your daughter out making her first pillow. It turned out beautifully!!

    Your pink cardigan looks very sweet too.

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  23. Clever daughter! Just like her lovely mother! Children are a blessing to us.

    I think that cardigan is adorable.


  24. That little sewing machine is divine. Wouldn't it have been amazing to have had one as a child. We had an old treadle with erratic tension. It's good to see the younger generation sewing or knitting. I am loving your little cardigans, beautiful patterns and colours.

  25. I am so jealous you have a lovely daughter to sew with and what a superb job she made of her cushion cover. I see lots of sewing in her future... Gorgeous knitting, too.
    Hen xxx