Monday, 2 July 2012

031: Looking back .. Looking Forward....

Looking forward and I realise that July has arrived and I am in denial!   It's always a whirlwind month ..... end of year parties, summer fairs, drama productions, swimming galas and to top it all - my daughter's birthday!  How am I going to cope! 

Looking back June has been a pretty hectic month too, highlights include:

Seeing the Olympic Torch as it went through Stockport. 
We have been extremely fortunate to get a second chance to see the torch.  We missed the torch in May on its first visit to Cheshire through Macclesfield (Day 13 of the Relay Route) as it was a school day, but the torch came back on Day 36 and we were able to travel to Stockport to see the torch on its return journey through the North West. It went from Manchester through Stockport and onwards over the Pennines to Leeds.    We caught the moment as the torch flame was passed from one runner to the exciting was that!

Coldplay at the Ethiad Stadium

The Postie and I went to see ColdPlay at the Etihad Stadium (home ground of Manchester City Football Club).  A superb evening especially as the rain held off for the whole evening.

Delightful Daughters Day!

Don't you just love it when you have a whole day out just you and your daughter/son?  Well we both had a great day out in Knutsford, Cheshire. We shopped until we dropped!  I love this little town, it has some great independant shops, including a super yarn shop called 'Fibre and Clay' (click HERE for their website).

Their summer display in the window looks like wishful thinking...if only we could have some sunny weather to get our deckchairs and bikinis out!!

Both the deckchair's seat, flip flop flowers and the bikini have been crocheted.

We couldn't leave Knutsford without having tea and cakes at the 'Courtyard Coffee Shop' which also doubles up as the 'Penny Farthing' Museum.

As you look up at the ceiling whilst enjoying your tea (and lemon drizzle cake!) you can see the penny farthings all hanging above you......

Two Pink Knits Complete

Do you remember the little raspberry coloured cardigan I knitted in June? Well I've finished another identical cardigan for my Etsy Shop, it can be found HERE.

I enjoyed knitting with 'pink' so much I started a little summer top in a much duskier pink. 

This can also now be found in my Etsy shop HERE.

New Facebook Page

There was a time when I said I wouldn't join facebook - but things change!  I have noticed how many of my favourite bloggers also have facebook pages, and I've recently missed out on some great giveaways that have only been open to their facebook fans ...... so in the end I've decided that I'll give it a go!  So I've been spending a bit of time putting my facebook page together ... currently I look a bit of a 'Billy-no-Mates'!  - so if you have the time please pop over to see my facebook page and make my day by 'liking' me! You can find me at :   Fleur Cotton Handknits on Facebook

Running Races

It's been a great month for running - and this month I've clocked up many training miles whilst getting totally soaked through in all this 'summer' rain and I've been eaten alive on most runs by the horse flies which seem to be abundant in these humid but wet conditions  ........ but race wise it's been short and sweet.  I ran my quickest 5k race this year at the beginning of the month at a little race in Hollins Green in Cheshire, but this year my 5K times are nearly two minutes slower than my PB so I really need to get fitter.  5K races are my nemesis ... even though they are the relatively short and over quickly they are my worst type of race, so this year I am determined to try and crack my fear of them once and for all ... and that means trying to race as many as possible.  For all my running readers, what's your racing nemesis???? 

Looking forward again, I'm hoping that if I can survive July I should have two knitting patterns for you to download in August and of course that giveaway I promised!  So what are you all up to in July?  Are you on the Olympic Countdown?   If you know of anyone with a new baby who wants to be patriotic during the Olympic Games I have a great cardigan in my Etsy shop HERE in the Team GB Red, White and Blues.

 Anyway whether you are enjoying looking back, or looking forward I hope you have a happy week.

Goodbye for now.
Fleur xx


  1. Busy times for you Fleur!!
    Love the new knits. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. You have been busy! Didn't I hear that Fibre and Clay is closing, hence the sale?

    Love the little dress, so sweet.

  3. Hi!! I am counting down to the Olympics too! Can I be an honorary British citizen for 2 weeks? :) You have been a busy lady!! Your knitting is wonderful and I will check out your facebook page!

  4. Hello Fleur...what a lot of things you have been doing! It's a while since I visited lovely Knutsford....must go again soon! Your knitting is all really beautiful. Well done on your FB page too!
    Have a happy rest of the week...hope the sun comes out very soon!
    Helen x

  5. I love looking back - reminds you of all the delightful things you have done! Those cardigans are stunning, simply stunning.

  6. Enjoy your busy month. Have loved reading all that you've been up to. Your knitting is beautiful. And yes, love having a day out with my girls : -)

  7. The torch is heading our way this weekend - hope the rain holds off. I just love the second of your two wee cardy's - it is sooooo pretty.

  8. Hello Fleur...I love the look of the 'Court Yard Coffee Shop'..I shall be showing Mr.H as it is not too far away for us!
    Your knits are beautiful as always and it is so lovely to see you on Facebook! I had serious doubts if I should be there for quite some time but I love the new page format and it is a lovely support system for crafters...It has definitely won me over!
    Hope you have a happy, crafty weekend,
    Susan x

  9. You've just been tagged by me on the Liebster Blog Award! Hop on to my blog to know more! :)

  10. too long since I've been over here! yes - the rain is officially doing my head in. And yes, I know I shouldn't moan - we've had no flooding!
    I went on a little jaunt to Knutsford recently (about 4 posts back!) with Emily from unravelled...and of course, had lunch in same said place! I'd forgotten how lovely it is to mooch there. Especially in Cherry Tree where you can see the Pip wallpaper in all it's glory.
    Lovely catch up Fleur
    fee x

  11. Phew, you have been busy!!!Looked a lovely day in Knutsford with your daughter.
    Love the little handknits, so so pretty!
    Will find you on FB, I remember what it was like at the beginning and even now not many of my friends do FB.
    Have a great week Fleur, whatever the weather!
    Gill xx

  12. Hi Fleur,

    Your June month sounds very busy! Wow, to Coldplay. I hope to go to one of their concerts in Holland too the coming year.

    The handknits look lovely!

    Thank you for taking part in my giveaway too!

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  13. Gorgeous cardigan. Fantastic knitting :) ~ Christina

  14. You are soooo talented! Keep up the beautiful work!