Tuesday, 21 August 2012

034: Running around in circles.........

Does life feel like you are constantly running around in circles?  Well mine does at the moment! 

 I sometimes wish that I could just hit the 'pause' button of life especially when I find myself in tranquil and peaceful places.  All I could hear was the clicking of grasshoppers, the birdsong from the trees and the gurgling of running water ............. I could have stayed by the water's edge all day!

And then the moment was shattered by the call of 'mum', 'mum', 'mum'........... unfortunately a day out at Dunham Massey in Cheshire with my daughter and the Postie was not a time for solitary contemplation!

Here in Cheshire we are spoilt, in every direction we seem to have a National Trust Estate within travelling distance and we had decided a quick trip to Dunham was the perfect solution for a day when the weather was looking unsettled.  Amazingly the weather held out and whilst we were on the estate the sun came out especially for us!

Dunham Massey Hall dates back to the 1730s and is now owned and cared for by the National Trust.  The main attraction for my daughter is the herd of deer that roam freely within the 300 acre estate.  We've been here many times, and she has on previous visits spent hours sketching the deer but this time she wanted to capture the deer on her new gadget - her Ipod Touch - so she could put the pictures on instagram which is currently the new 'cool' thing for a 10 year old!

My photo skills seem 'old fashioned' in comparison!!

After the deer had posed for a countless number of shots, we had a brisk walk around the woodland on the estate and eventually took the time to 'pause' and watch the microcosm of life in a simple lily pond ... and then I realised that even in nature everybody was running around in circles too! The fish darting to and fro below the waters edge, the strange blue insects (photo below) hovering just above the water and the large dragonflies dive bombing the lilypads and us.  They were all just getting on with it ... no rest for the wicked even in that pond!

The weekend brought another challenge in a busy schedule - a 10k race on an extremely hot sultry sunday morning.  No pots of coffee and croissants on the patio for us, no instead the motorway beckoned for a jaunt to .......Warrington!   I rarely visit the town, only the lure of Ikea and the occasional road race are enough for me to contemplate getting lost in its maze of identical roundabouts, seldom have I ever visited without at least taking the wrong turning at one.

The Birchwood 10k race is an ever increasingly popular race, nearly 1,000 entrants on a sunny Sunday morning gathered on the car park of the Birchwood Shopping Centre for a 10.30am start.  The heat slowed down many as we followed the twisting course over one roundabout and round another. Everytime I looked up I saw another in the distance!

By the 5k mark I had started to lose count of the number of roundabouts we had encountered, I had the feeling that I was running around in circles....literally!

 I decided at the 7k mark that it wasn't going to be my day for a good time and I just scraped through with a respectable time 39 seconds slower than my current 10k PB, though in retrospect I'm happy with my run given the heat and the undulating nature of the course

As we came through the finish line we were greeted by the cheerful smiles of children with bunches of flowers for all the women runners, and to mop up our very sweaty brows everyone received a souvenier towel which was the perfect colour for me at the moment, can you guess????????

Duck Egg  Blue!!!!!!!!!! (well nearly...sort of that shade!)

Anyway, apologies to all you crafters for the lack of craft-relating posts, normal service will be resumed soon.....probably when the school doors reopen and peace and quiet are restored once more!

Goodbye for now
Fleur xx


  1. Fleur, this is such a well written post. I really enjoyed every word of it. I am also deeply in awe of anyone who manages to run 10k roundabouts or no roundabouts.

    I hope you get a little peace and quiet. My husband and I are noticing how exhausting the constants chirping of three children can be...however much we dote on them ;-)

  2. Oh I adore Duck Egg Blue, even the very name of it is delightful!
    I just found your blog and it looks lovely, I will be checking back often. I love the pictures of the deer <3

    Sarah xx

  3. I love Dunham Massey :) And my son's girlfriend is giving up nursing and is about to start training as an NT ranger there. We'll be visiting even more, maybe we'll bump into you sometime :)

  4. Congrats on your 10k run, it must have been a real challenge in the heat!
    Dunham Massey looks a great place to visit, thankyou for sharing the photos - looks like you had a great day.
    Gill xx

  5. What a beautiful place Dunham Massey is! Hope you will manage to find the pause button now and then :-)

    Take care,

    Madelief x

  6. I've discovered your blog and it is lovely so I think you should post more