Tuesday, 19 June 2012

030: I love ONES and ZEROS!

I just love ones..............

                1         1         1        1         1        1

I just love zeros.....................

             0       0       0       0        0        0 

Put them together and what do you get????


100 Lovely Followers !

Oh I'm so excited that I have reached 100 followers - thank you everyone for following me....I hope you all enjoy reading my knitty knatty blog.


10,000 Page Views!

I can't believe that in four months my blog has attracted so many page views.  It blows me away everyday when I see how many people stop by and from such a variety of countries across the world....it's so nice to meet you all and I really love it when you leave me a comment.  As for reaching both these milestones I think I will have to celebrate with a giveaway .. so I'm going to put my thinking cap on and come up with something..watch this space!

Another exciting thing that has happened this week is receiving my very first blog award:


It's the Sunshine Blog Award and it has been awarded to me by Helen from Melbourne in Australia.  Her blog 'Twenty Six Minutes Past' can be found HERE.

Now many of you reading this have received blog awards already so I apologise in advance if I don't follow the correct etiquette!

I believe that I must mention the blogger who has given me this award, which I have done already and then I must answer ten questions and then nominate another ten bloggers who are worthy of the award.  So here goes..........

Favourite animal: I get most pleasure from watching the small birds that visit my garden every day, I love to see them each morning and one winter I had a robin who would sit on the shed looking at me everyday whilst I did the washing up.  Currently we have a woodpecker who sits in the tree at the end of the garden ...so that's great to see.
Favourite number: 41 - my current age, and contrary to any jokey remarks (particularly the Postie!) ....there is life in the old dog yet and I'm not over the hill! 
Favourite non alcoholic drink: After running I love a glass of cranberry juice (half fill the glass with juice) and then top up with cold water and ice.  So refreshing!
Facebook or Twitter: I'm just starting on Facebook ( will post about this soon) but don't use Twitter, I really don't understand how I would find the time to tweet as well as blog and post on facebook.  There again NEVER say NEVER!
My passion: I think you all know what I'm going to say here : Knitting & Running.  Knitting I've been enjoying since I was six years old, my Nanna taught me ... I knitted myself a cardigan when I was 10 much to the amazement of my junior school teacher when I wore my finished cardigan to school!  Running is something I took up later in life, I've been running for about four years now and I just love it ..... which is amazing as prior to running I was probably the most un-sporty person you could imagine.  I run on my own, socially with a running friend, with my other half (the Postie), with a running club and I try to do a variety of road and off-road races anything from 5ks to Half Marathons all year round.
Getting or giving: Definitely giving.  I love choosing gifts for people and am really trying to make a conscious effort to buy handmade.  Of course fabulous websites such as Folksy and Etsy have made this easier......I would definitely champion handmade gifts!  As for receiving I always feel awkward when people buy me gifts especially expensive ones ... I think this stems from having a birthday very near Christmas, I always felt so guilty everyone having to buy for my birthday when they had the expense of Christmas just round the corner ... and I suppose that feeling has stuck.
Favourite pattern: I have many patterns that I have knitted over and over through the years, but I would love to share my 'dream' patterns with you instead, those that I dream about starting if only I had the time!!  I am intent on starting a Ysolda shawl that I have been looking at - click HERE to view, I would love to knit this in either purple or teal.  I am also dreaming of Kate Davies' Betty Mouat Sweater - click HERE to view.  I would just love to do this pattern in black grey and beige. If you haven't seen any of Kate's work yet you must have a look at her blog HERE
Favourite day of the week: Friday .... nothing beats that 'Friday' feeling.
Favourite flower:  This seems to change with the seasons and what I see in other people's gardens around me.  Currently I am loving the large Oriental Poppies everywhere, especially the ones with large white petals and purple/black centres......I have vowed to have these in my garden next year.
Favourite country: Japan.   I have been lucky enough to have had two solo backpacking trips to Japan, and they were both out of this world trips!  The Japanese were some of the kindest people I have ever met, it was a very safe country to visit as a female traveling alone and I have such great memories ....just too many to list! If I won the lottery I would definitely love to have an extended holiday there again.

So now comes the difficult part, nominating ten blogs that bring me sunshine!  I have chosen the blogs that always make me feel happy and sunny when I visit and look at the beautiful colourful photos of their crafty projects, please click on them and have a look as it's always great to find new and inspiring blogs. 

LITTLE WOOLIE - Beautiful crochet projects 

TRULY MYRTLE - Knitting & Sewing Projects Galore

TEA AT WEASELS - Knitting, Crochet & Sewing - Something for everyone.

SEW SWEET VIOLET  - Delicate & Beautiful Sewing Projects ..not to be missed!

PLANET PENNY - Colourful Inspiring Crochet Projects

ACCORDING TO MATT - One of the most colourful craft sites in the universe!

DOTTY RED - Beautiful Sewing Projects 

HANDMADE BY MIA - Adorable Felted Projects

COZY THINGS - Knitting & Crochet Enthusiast - Infectious love of yarn!

and last of all, if you haven't visited this site...where have you been??

ATTIC 24 - The queen of colour!

I really hope you enjoy my choices and find at least one new blog to follow from them.....it's a wonderful world of  colourful and sunny crafters out there!

Hope you all have a wonderful and sunny week, here in Cheshire we are blessed with the sun shining brightly today.  A welcome change after all the rain we've had over the past few weeks.

Goodbye for now.
Fleur xx


Monday, 11 June 2012

029: Thank heavens for little girls........

I love having a little girl, as we can have lovely crafty days just like today.

We spent ages this morning looking through all the fabrics I had in my stash......I love doing this!

My daughter decided she wanted to sew a cushion for her bedroom on her new sewing machine.  She hasn't had chance to make anything yet, so with her still on her school holidays we thought a 'getting to know' her new sewing machine day was a good idea.  Her new machine is a little mini one from John Lewis and is just so sweet in powder blue .. I would have done anything for a machine like this when I had been a child.  I thought it was a great for her to have her own sewing machine especially as she wanted to have a go on my old trusted Singer which is rather too big and complicated for her .. so this mini one was the perfect compromise.

She chose her fabrics and we cut them into strips.  After being inspired by other stripey cushions such as Lucy's from Attic 24 (click here ) we decided that sewing strips of fabric together for a cushion would be the perfect practise project.

So we cut her chosen fabrics up into strips, rather than bright colours she chose a lilac and blue scheme to go with her bedroom....she chose really well.

Here she is sewing her stripes together.  Do you like the funky wristband??  She inherited it from me as I went to the 'Coldplay' concert at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester this weekend and we were all given these wristbands.  They lit up when the band were playing and the effect all over the stadium from everyone's wristband in the dark was awesome!  Unfortunately they won't light up now they are at home much to my daughter's disappointment.

Anyway, back to the cushion........ a few hours later and a lot of patience .......the end result..........

I'm so delighted that her first project on the sewing machine was so successful!  I really didn't give her much help except to sit by the side of her and explain what to do ... she did every little bit of machine stitching herself ... not bad for 9 years old!

Thank heavens I had a little girl ......as they do grow up to be just like their mums!!!

Oh and I've had a really girly week with the knitting too, a really pretty pink raspberry coloured cotton yarn .............

I enjoyed knitting with the raspberry pink so much I've already started knitting an identical one for my Etsy shop too and that should be finished soon...as should my next knitted bag.

 Hope you are all enjoying your knitting this week.

Goodbye for now
Fleur xx

Friday, 1 June 2012

028: Jubilee Flowers

Do you like the 'Jubilee' inspired flowers I've embroidered on my latest cardigan?

Are you enjoying the red, white and blue everywhere?

Here is my Jubilee Cardigan........ and it can be found HERE

Photographing white objects is hard to do and I'm never sure whether I prefer them on a coloured background or a plain white background ....... with a coloured background the cardigan shows up better bur I do love the crispness of white on white.  Any thoughts?

I just loved embroidering all the little red and blue flowers and I just love the two little red ones on the moss stitch collar.

I decided to put blue centres in each red flower, and vice versa with the blue ones, and of course couldn't resist alternating the buttons too.   I was so lucky that I was able to find the same style of button in the two exact shades I wanted.....it was meant to be!

I also embroidered the flowers around the cuffs too.

This cardigan is for sale in my Etsy shop at the moment and for Jubilee Week  1st June to 9th June it is on special offer. 

The other flowers I am so delighted with are my lillies, they have just opened in time for Jubilee Weekend ... they didn't have red or blue ...so they are just beautiful white!

Whatever you are doing this Jubilee weekend - I really hope you have a lovely time. 
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the sun to shine!

Goodbye for now