Monday, 22 October 2012

036: Dreaming of ripples........

When you think of your crafty exploits, how do you categorise yourself?  
Are you a Knitter? a Crocheter? a Sewer? a Patchworker? an Embroider? or 'A bit of everything-er'!

I have always called myself a knitter who has a go at other crafts, and my blog reading represents this perfectly as I spend a lot of my time reading blogs about crafts that I wish I could be an expert in but probably never will.  I so enjoy looking at designs and photos of patchwork and embroidery and I just adore the fantastic crochet blogs and am so envious of the beautiful blankets I see.  I dream of making a blanket one day, I dream of Granny Squares and I dream of Ripples ...... but then I float back to earth and realise that I'm a knitter and I need to have two needles clicking rather than one hook!!

Recently I have been dreaming of ripples, mainly as over the last few weeks I have been looking (well envying) Jacquie's beautiful ripple blanket (that you can find HERE) and Meme Rose's stunning mini blanket (that you can find HERE ), and I finally decided I would have a piece of the ripple action but on two knitting needles instead!

I think I learnt this stitch when I was in my early teens, I used it for making knitted skirts on dresses for my younger sister's dolls. Whenever it was, the stitch has been imprinted in my brain since then and it feels like meeting an old friend as it emerges from my needles.  It's a slightly lacier stitch than the crochet ripples that have inspired me, and although it looks complicated it really is a simple stitch to follow.  

I knew that I wanted to satisfy my 'ripple' urge, but due to a large number of WIPs and quite a long to-do list a blanket was out of the question.  So a scarf was my next idea......

So far, I'm probably half-way through and I'm loving it.  The repetition of the pattern is so gentle on the eye and the soft pastel colours are perfect for a care-free knit, absolute heaven for those feet up on the sofa moments!

The only problem is ..... and I think it's the same for crocheters and knitters alike ...... the mass of ends that will have to be tidied up at the end!  Not a job I'm looking forward to.

Hope you are all enjoying the October Half Term.

Goodbye for now
Fleur xx